When was the last time you had a seminal moment? Don’t worry if you can’t remember, it’s really not important, and we’re only really asking to be polite – and because it helps to get readers’ attention if we begin these stories with a question.

Nautically inclined South Wales motor insurer Admiral had one just the other day. A seminal moment, that is, in case you’d forgotten that as well. Do please pay attention.

Admiral’s seminal moment came when Judge Humbert Balding dismissed a claim brought by so-called ambulance driver Chantelle Bollard who was attempting to make out that she’d sustained incapacitating peri-spinal muscular harm as a consequence of a routine rear-end shunt from an Admiral policyholder.

What unscrupulous grasping something-for-nothing Chantelle didn’t reckon on is that the Admiral customer in question was fitted with a so-called black box which revealed that they were travelling at a mere 1.25mph when they just nudged the rear end of her ambulance.

Upon being presented with this damning telematics evidence, Judge Balding knew better than to take the word of a human over that of a machine, and summarily threw out the scheming female’s trumped up claim.

“We are delighted with the outcome of this case,” said Admiral Clams Head Lorna Colonelelly. “The presence of telematics data and the court’s acceptance of such data proves to be a seminal moment for Admiral in being able to add a greater weight and verve to our defence of innocent policyholders.”

Weight and verve, Boys, weight and verve.

Old Lorna may just have hit on the insurance industry’s very own ‘Strong and stable’.


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