The latest telematics technology now allows insurers to see which of their policyholders is about to crash – before the policyholder even knows it themselves!

Leading telematics provider Whoanelli, which is owned by millionaire Denver socialite Alexis Nexis, claims it can pinpoint drivers who are about to have an accident, thus allowing insurers to stop insuring them before it’s too late.

This revolutionary new technology is known as predictable telematics, and can apparently send out FNOL notices to insurance firms – before a vehicle crashes!

By tracking drivers’ every move, Whoanelli can tell a great deal about them: where they go, what they do, how they drive, basically everything, really. The profiling this allows, says Whoanelli co-founder Paula Stacy, is “powerful” and “a game changer.”

Whoanelli MD Penny Pearles agrees, calling this new development a “tipping point”. Having analised the bejeezus out of more than one million miles worth of driver behaviour (and misbehaviour), Whoanelli can now spot a wrong ‘un at a thousand paces.

“We now have a proprietary database,” she says, “of trip and claims data records that is used to test scoring algorithms using 20 parameters, from road familiarity to relative speeds and driver distraction.”

The power this gives insurers to weed out under performing policyholders, Pearles believes, could enable them to “reduce their claims loss ratios by up to 30%.”

If that’s not a tip changer or a gaming point, or whatever, then Bankstone News would very much like to know what is!



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