When it comes to computers and stuff, UK businesses have been quite literally asleep. But now they need to wake up, argues Jimmy ‘Nuts’ Dalton of top insurer body ABI.

Jim was quick to respond to news that lots of people’s data had been taken hostage by cyber pirates the other day, rushing out a hard-hitting wake up call to the UK’s snooze-prone business community.

“These latest cyber attacks on 150 countries across the globe,” he declared, “are a wake-call for every type of business.” But did he literally mean every type of business, you may wonder.

Bankstone News can only assume he did, because in addition to the above quoted comment about ‘every type of business’, Jim also insisted that “all firms, whatever their size, are in the sights of cyber criminals.”

Now you might think that having to fork out 300 so-called ‘bot coins’ to get your data back (or whoever’s data it is you have lying around on your system) is hardly the end of the world. If so, you must think again!

The recent ‘wanna-curry’ rancidware attacks could be just the ‘amuse-bouche’ preceding a full-on ten-course banquet of cyber mayhem that could put you right out of business.

That’s right: if you have a business and something cybery happens to it, Jim warns, it could “cause significant disruption and even potentially put the existence of the business at risk.”

So all this cyber business is seriously bad news for all of us. Unless we are insurers, in which case it presents us with an opportunity to sell you an exciting new product known as cyber insurance.

Cyber insurance is great because when the wanna-curry attacks occurred, cyber insurers were probably busy paying claims and working around a clock to get customers with valid claims back on a track.

So, basically, if you have a business, you need to a) wake up, b) buy some cyber insurance, and c) make sure you’ve implemented lots of cyber security measures so you’ll never need to try claiming on it.

You have been warned.


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