More retentive readers may recall we’ve written a couple of times recently about the motorspots event of the century (which, perhaps counterintuitively, has nothing to do with F1, British Superbikes or even the Reliant Rally, but which is, in fact, or was, in fact, Insurance Endurance 2017 “Klash of Karts”).

In one recent news item on this popular topic we exclusively revealed the existence of a secret stash of highly sensitive snaps showing some of the crazy antics up to which those attending this prestigious event got, as it were, on the day. Now, if you can credit such a thing, we can go one better!

There’s a video!

Not, perhaps, since rumours began circulating of candid footage recording Parish Hilton, Kim Kardashery or that other one engaging in popular leisure activities of the intimate kind, has any video release been quite so keenly anticipated.

Well, anticipate not more! You can see it all here.

So what are you waiting for: mix yourself a triple Long Island Iced Tea, whack some steak and lobster popcorn in the meekrowahveh, and prepare to soak up the spectacle.


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