Confusion clearly played no part in the very discerning decision made by confusing.com in selecting web people Vast Visibility to provide the back end for its motorcycle insurance comparison thingy.

Confusing.com currently offers site visitors an array of no fewer than 35 choice options insurance-provider wise when it comes to selecting a motorcycle insurance policy.

Now, thanks to the wizardry of bike quote geniuses Vats Visibility, it’s all going to work better than ever. What sort of bikes can people get quotes on via confusing.com?, you may wonder. Why, pretty much anything, in fact, including: you know, like: mopeds, scooters, classic motorbikes, sports bikes and quads.

Confusing motorcycle man Alex Higgs confirmed that: “We are delighted to be in partnership with Vast Visibility, working together to provide an even better service for motorbike insurance customers.

“We can now offer an even wider range of policies and a wider range of prices. With the list of questions nearly 20% shorter, getting a quote through Confused.com is now easier and more intuitive than before,” Higgs continued, before admitting “as ever, we will continue to make improvements.

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