September 29, 2014

Only last week we learned that, in a move intended to distance the firm from infidel-decapitation-services provider ISIS/ISL/IS, or whatever they are called this week, (and presumably to avoid having its bank accounts frozen in a case of mistaken identity) private equity firm Isis Equity Partners is to rebrand itself as We Haven’t Actually Thought of a New Name Yet.

Now rumours are reaching the Bankstone News office that US-based Innovative Staff Solutions Inc (parent of ISS Insurance Group, a name familiar to many UK insurance firms as a provider of ‘services’) is to rebrand as American Staff Solutions.

A host of other names familiar to insurance people in the UK now also look set to change, including Peterborough’s ISL Insurance Brokers, HGV specialists Isis Insurance Services, City-based Independent Services Group (ISG) and Crawley’s Islamic State Insurance Ltd. Software firm Misys, fortunately, was rebranded a couple of years back.

The International Insurance Society is now thought to be considering a name change. Rumours that Egyptian love goddess Isis is also set undergo a posthumous rebrand had yet to be confirmed at the time of going to press, while talk of a name change for the stretch of the Thames adjacent to various Oxford Colleges has been roundly pooh-poohed by various sang-froid rowing chaps in caps and blazers.

Vowels, of course, play only a slight and highly mutable role in the semitic languages, of which Arabic is one, leaving any insurance brand with a bit of a ‘hiss’ to it in a highly vulnerable position.

Further mutations in the name of the aforementioned Syria-and-Iraq based headhunting group ISIS/ISL/IS could yet spell trouble for a host of other firms operating in the insurance services sector.

Bankstone News prediction: Watch this space.



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