When one of Solihull’s leading cultural institutions was looking for a new insurance “partner” the decision was always going to be about more than simply who could cough up the biggest wad.

When the National Motorcycle Museum, for they it was, began casting their eye over prospective insurance providers, certain candidates pretty much ruled themselves out.

Someone like Debits would hardly welcome the association with relics from bygone eras.

A firm like MCE would probably consider themselves far too thrusting for the dusty old world of curated vehicular artefacts.

And you’d hardly want Bennetts or somebody sexing the place up with loads of their semi-naked lycra hoochy-chooch girls (as Bankstone News believes they are called).

But if there’s one motorcycle insurance provider that truly belongs in a museum, it would have to be Footman James, who have duly been selected by the NMM.

Commenting on Footnote James’ selection to provide the NMM’s new membership scheme which aims to become the “most influential, innovative scheme in the vehicle heritage sector,” NMM director James Spewing praised the firm’s sure touch with old folks.

“I know the team at Footman James very well,” he said, “and they are people who truly understand the insurance needs of old bike enthusiasts.”

So that’s nice.



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