Never let it be said that Bankstone News doesn’t bring you hot tips of the problem-solving/money-making kind from time to time.

Our friends at Provisional Marmalade – whose other product (young drivers’ combined car purchase and insurance scheme Young Marmalade) has just won the Prince Michael International Road Safety Award – have put together an ingenious solution to a problem every motor broker comes across from time to time.

What do you do when a client comes asking to add a learner driver to their policy, only to find that their insurer can’t help? Basically you point them at www.provisionalmarmalade.co.uk and claim your well-earned commission.

Provisional Marmalade is not a hard-line splinter faction of the popular citrus-based preserve but a short-duration secondary insurance product written in the learner driver’s name which allows him or her to practice in a car belonging to a friend or family member without affecting the owner’s policy.

Policies are available for one, two or three months, with fixed-price post-code-based premiums split into three risk bands. Drawing your clients’ attention to Provisional Marmalade avoids the risk of losing business – by keeping your client’s primary policy where it is – and earns you commission into the bargain.

To register, visit www.PM-broker-registration.co.uk or call the Marmaladers on 0845 644 4206. They can also arrange a direct commission-earning link from your website that includes your logo and FSA data (see an example at www.PM-demo.co.uk)

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