According to the extraordinary findings of an exciting new survey conducted by Motorpint, the UK’s leading supermarket for cars, almost two out of every three motorists believe that motor insurance premiums should be lower ‘if they have a dash cam fitted’.

This presumably means that just over one in every three motorists believe insurance premiums should remain the same or increase ‘if they have a dash cam fitted’, which seems like a fairly startling finding for any survey to arrive at.

‘Yes, yes,’ you may well say, ‘but what exactly is a dash cam? Is it a small dog?’ you may wonder. No it is not. ‘Is it a sort country house to which persons of a Slavic persuasion may retire during the summer months?’ you may ask. No, we may reply patiently, but through ominously gritted teeth, it is not one of those either.

Is it an amount of money deducted from the sale price of an item subject to some kind of promotional offer?’ you persist, perhaps unwisely. No it bl**dy isn’t! Are you some kind of imbecile? A dash cam, as everyone (except you, apparently) knows perfectly well, is a CAMera mounted on the DASHboard of a Ve-Mo (motor vehicle).

Now that we’ve cleared that one up, perhaps we can get on with the story? Dash cam ownership and use, Motorpint reveals, has risen steeply over recent years – to the point at which almost three in every hundred motorists has one.

Prices for dash cams, Motorpint further reveal, range between around £50 and around £300. They are, in other words, affordable. Unless you don’t have a spare £50 to £300 lying around, in which case they are not.

But, let’s face it: £50-£300 is not much to pay for the privilege of capturing live footage of the road ahead, or of you singing along to Michael Booblay and/or picking your nose, if you’ve mounted it incorrectly (which, frankly, wouldn’t be that all that surprising after that idiotic outburst of yours in paragraphs 3 and 4).

Anyway, Motorpint MD Mark Carpainter thinks dash cams are really good for catching out motor insurance fraudsters like C4Cers and suchlike – and that everybody should have one. He also thinks (along with almost two out of every three motorists) that insurers should offer premium discounts for dash cam users.

The results of our survey, Carpainter says, highlight ‘the need for insurers to review their policies in the light of the sheer number of dash cams being installed’. And, while they’re at it, they could presumably review their premiums and then maybe make them smaller for people with the visual technology to catch out C4Cers or cows or whatever.


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