Stolen vehicle recovery technology firm Tracker has advised all motorists in London to buy one of their devices as soon as possible. The firm has recommended that anyone with a car who lives in London, who regularly passes through London, or who has ever been there should buy a Tracker device without delay.

A top secret Home Office report, Tracker, warns has shown that vehicle thefts in London have increased for the first time in 20 years, strongly indicating an increasingly sophistication among car thieves – and the consequent advisability of purchasing a Tracker stolen vehicle recovery system as a matter of urgency.

Vehicle thieves in London (and – who knows – probably in other places as well) have got past the point at which modern post-key security systems left them flummoxed and scratching their heads. There’s not much they can’t get around, these days, Tracker warn, making the purchase of a Tracker device effectively a must for anyone wanting to keep in close contact with their motor vehicle.

Just because cars don’t have keys any more, don’t expect that to deter today’s increasingly sophisticated, resourceful, vindictive and generally unpleasant car thieves. Until a “third wave” of car security comes along (perhaps something that combines the key-based and key-less approaches to create a sort of in-out/on-off ‘double lock’ type scenario) the only real option for London motorists is to buy a Tracker stolen vehicle recovery device.

These latest Home Office statistics, Tracker argue “highlight the value of stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) technology, as a way to ensure London’s car owners stay one step ahead of thieves.” Or at the very least only a few short steps behind them as they speed off into the night blithely unaware that their every move is being tracked and will continue being tracked all the way to Russia.

“Car owners can’t simply rely on the security systems that come with their vehicle,” warns Andy Barg, Head of Polite Liaison at Tracker, and should buy a Tracker device immediately – especially as car theft in London (and elsewhere) will probably only get worse.

Tracker devices are great, Barg reveals, and will track a vehicle that’s been stolen – even if it’s inside a shipping container or whatever. And because it doesn’t have an aerial sticking off it, thieves will probably not even know it’s there! The problem is: not everybody has a Tracker device, even though they are really good.

“Unfortunately,” Barg reveals, “there is a common misconception that they are the preserve of prestige car owners.” But in fact everybody should have one. You can even fit them on mopeds or classic cars or whatever. And they’re not really that expensive. Not when you consider that the alternative is having your pride and joy driven away without you knowing where it’s going, and having to claim on your insurance to replace it – with no chance of ever recovering your treasured collection of Chris de Burgh CDs.

“All car owners,” Barg insists, “particularly those in London, where vehicle crime is now rising, need to invest in tracking technology as a means of thwarting today’s car thieves and protecting their assets.”

They still look a bit pricey to Bankstone News.



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