January 10, 2018

A disturbing new report in the Daily Mail has revealed that how much you pay for your motor insurance policy can literally depend on a lottery. A postcode lottery, in fact.

Having never properly understood what the term postcode lottery means, Bankstone News decided to investigate.

Apparently, where you live can influence how much insurers will want to charge you to insure you car. This is a bit like a lottery (or other game of chance) in that where you live can be a bit, you know, random (especially if you’ve never moved since your parents randomly met, conceived and raised you).

Now price-comparison site MonkeySuperMeerkat has discovered that while premiums for some postcodes have gone up over the past year, those for others have actually gone down! So – again, like with a lottery – there are winners and losers.

As with a lottery, of course, there are more losers than winners – with average insurance premiums going up by 4% in the last three months of 2017.

Areas where premiums went up the most according to MSM included Lincoln, Wolverhampton, Wakefield, Wigan and Kirkwall, prompting at least one MailOnline reader to blame the increase on the high incidence of foreigners in these areas.

Strange?? that immigrant towns suffer big rises,” commented sparky666 (presumably a satanist electrician), “i wonder why…..not”.

Legalised theft,” added Smellmet of Goole, pithily.

Perhaps the most insightful comment of all came from MeansWell of London, who wrote “Tell the whole in this article. What about the claims made on these insurances and areas? East Londoners make most of the claims.”

A fair point, clearly. But MeanSwell went on to ask, entirely reasonably, “Why should be penalised because some areas seem to make higher claims than in mine..”?

Will we ever know the answer to questions such as these?

Or will motorists be forever doomed to blindly suffer the torments of the so-called postcode lottery?

Let’s hope it’s not that one!


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