May 5, 2017


We’ve asked you nicely.

You had every chance to be one of the first to visit the new website and register for this year’s Insurance Endurance event, sponsored by Bankstone News. But you had to go and blow it.

Now every other Tom, Dick and Harry (along with some of the biggest and most prestigious names in the exciting and dynamic world of motor insurance and allied crafts) has got in first, and, guess what: you’re in real danger of missing out.

So, we’ll say it again one last time (probably).

Visit this page now and, for goodness sake, register your team, or you might miss out on a not-many-times-in-a-lifetime chance to go head to head in a six-hour endurance race at the UK’s longest and wiggliest kart trak, Grantham’s Private Finance Initiative super-circuit on Tuesday 27th June.

Just do it now and we’ll say no more about it.



What our clients say about us

Jo was exceptionally helpful and professional throughout dealing with my accident claim She made me feel at ease and explained all the options available to me and guided me through the process sheer bliss considering the nature of me calling the team
Mr. D - Doncaster